Products Overview


Fidelis Cybersecurity enables organizations to reduce the time to detect and resolve incidents, prevent data theft and stop attackers at every stage in the attack lifecycle.

Fidelis offers a complete portfolio of products, combined with proprietary threat intelligence, to equip our customers to proactively get one step ahead of any attacker - before they achieve their ultimate objective. With Fidelis, you’ll know when you are being attacked, you can retrace attackers’ steps and freeze them in their tracks.

Our product portfolio covers the entire spectrum, offering solutions for network, endpoint and mobile.

Fidelis XPS™

Analyze all of your network traffic at multi-gigabit speeds. Fidelis XPS detects the tools and tactics of advanced attackers including advanced malware, exploits, command and control activity and data theft techniques that bypass traditional network security systems such as firewalls and intrusion prevention systems. It also identifies attacker behavior including lateral movement and the staging of data for theft. Fidelis XPS’ patented Deep Session Inspection® technology detects attacker activity across every phase of the attack lifecycle.

Resolution1 Endpoint

Identify compromised endpoints and automate your investigation and response. Resolution1 Endpoint is an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution that enables you to apply intelligence and proactively hunt for threats. With Resolution1 Endpoint you can accelerate the triage and validation of suspected incidents by eliminating time-consuming manual investigation steps that require highly skilled and hard-to-find security experts. Harvest rich system metadata from endpoints, correlate against Fidelis’ intelligence, threat reputation services and third-party threat intelligence feeds so you know which endpoints are compromised. When compromised endpoints are identified, you can automatically remediate them.

With Fidelis you can find attackers at every stage of the attack lifecycle.