Fidelis XPS

Fidelis XPS™ equips security-conscious organizations to confidently detect, investigate and stop advanced attackers at every stage of the attack lifecycle.

Analyze all of your organization’s network traffic at multi-gigabit speeds. With Fidelis XPS you can detect the tools and tactics of advanced attackers including advanced malware, exploits and command and control activity that typically bypass traditional network security systems. Identify attacker behavior including lateral movement and the staging of data for exfiltration. Fidelis XPS provides the visibility, context and speed required to identify threats and ensure data theft never happens.
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Detection at Every Stage of the Attack Lifecycle

Detect attackers that other security solutions miss at every stage of the attack lifecycle including when attackers move laterally, establish command and control footholds and prepare to steal data.

Deep Session Inspection®

Decode and analyze content in real-time, no matter how deeply embedded it is. Our Deep Session Inspection engine sees every single packet that traverses the network, reassembles those packets into session buffers in RAM, and recursively decodes and analyzes the protocols, applications and content objects in those session buffers in real-time - while the sessions are occurring. This allows us to “see deeper” into applications and, in particular the content that’s flowing over the network.

Visibility Across All Ports and Protocols

Watch network traffic on all ports and protocols, including misuse of protocols and services on non-standard ports. Fidelis XPS also stores network metadata on all sessions it inspects so you can go back in time and reconstruct the attackers’ footprints.

Detect and Investigate Retroactively

Investigate what attackers have done in the past. By collecting and storing rich content-level metadata from both the network and the endpoint, XPS provides a lighter, faster and less expensive way to analyze historical data.

Accelerate Investigation Cycles

Simplify the most time consuming investigative task – gathering data - and make it much easier to get to the bottom of what is happening so your experts can focus on what’s important.

Stop Attackers on the Network

Identify attackers when they are active on your network and unilaterally block unauthorized transfers of information in real-time, across all ports and protocols, without depending on third-party proxies.