Trusted Advisor Program

Professional cyber criminals conduct detailed reconnaissance activities and develop custom campaigns in an effort to penetrate enterprises and steal data – for example intellectual property, currency, business plans, and personal information.

Fidelis XPS™ detects and prevents these network threats by monitoring and controlling all phases of the threat lifecycle, providing inbound threat protection, data theft protection, and network security analytics.

Fidelis Cybersecurity’s Trusted Advisor Program arms today’s security consultants and analysts with Fidelis XPS –the only system integrated for real time advanced threat detection and prevention. By leveraging Fidelis XPS in network security audits, assessments, and Incident Response and penetration testing, Fidelis Cybersecurity's Trusted Advisors can detect and identify inbound advanced persistent threats as well as outbound theft of proprietary data from a client’s network. Fidelis XPS drives revenue and client satisfaction, while simultaneously reducing consulting costs and incident response time. Learn more about the Fidelis Trusted Advisor program:

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