Security Assessments

Our security experts have spent hundreds of hours on the front lines responding to large-scale breaches. We understand attacker tactics. We draw on this experience to evaluate your security program, determine if attackers are in your environment, and provide recommendations that reduce risk and close security gaps.

Compromise Assessment

Determine if a threat actor is currently active in your environment or has been in the past. Using our proprietary technology and threat intelligence we search for indications of a compromise and correlate data collected from your network and endpoints.

We use the following methods to search for the presence of an attacker:

  • Architecture and Security Program Review: We interview key personal to understand your network architecture and current security posture. This allows us to identify critical assets and determine the best locations to place sensors that will monitor ingress/egress points, internal network traffic, and anomalous behavior.
  • Collect and Analyze Data: We deploy our technology and apply our threat intelligence to look for suspicious files, malware, unusual activity, as well as capture live memory for analysis. Based on these findings, we then conduct in-depth forensic analysis.
  • Report and Escalation: At the conclusion of the assessment, we provide you with a final report that includes a detailed analysis of the findings, along with recommendations on how to strengthen your security posture. In the event that we find evidence of attacker presence, we will work with you to take the appropriate actions for containment and remediation.

Incident Response Readiness Assessment

Put your incident response plan to the test. Our security professionals will apply best practices and their first-hand knowledge, based on thousands of hours responding to security incidents, to evaluate, assess and validate your incident response plan and your team’s readiness to respond to an incident.

During our assessment we will:

  • Evaluate: We perform an in-depth review of your current incident response plan, including roles and responsibilities, internal and external response capabilities, and other security controls.
  • Analyze: We compare your existing plan against best practices and our first-hand experience to determine gaps, potential response issues, and recommendations for remediation.
  • Test: We conduct practical exercises to assess and validate your incident response team’s readiness.
  • Report: At the end of the engagement we provide a comprehensive report that highlights key findings, identifies gaps in your incident response capabilities, and provides recommendations on how to correct or enhance your plan to strengthen your security posture.

Security Program Review

Understand your organization’s risk and what you can do to improve your security posture. Whether you are concerned about your security architecture and controls or evaluating existing policies and procedures, our team of security professionals can assess and identify potential vulnerabilities in your current security program.

We perform the following during the review:

  • Assess: We interview key personnel to understand current security practices, company culture and security needs.
  • Evaluate: We assess your defense-in-depth strategy by reviewing your policy, process, and technology to determine the holistic security strategy.
  • Conduct: We perform a comprehensive analysis to determine gaps, potential security issues, and recommendations for remediation.
  • Report: At the end of the assessment, we provide a roadmap with recommendations on how to improve the security gaps identified and provide an executive summary that highlights key findings.