PCI Assessment

Certified by the PCI Council, our security professionals work with you to assess your current level of PCI DSS compliance and assist with the improvement of security measures before they become non-compliance issues and more importantly security issues. We apply the knowledge gained from responding to security incidents involving PCI to identify and prioritize items that need to be improved to keep your organization compliant and your cardholder data environment secure.

During the assessment we will perform:

  • Data Collection and Review – We work with your team to understand your current state of compliance through interviews and the collection of data such as policies, firewall configurations and data flow diagrams. We identify any missing or incomplete policies and procedures, assess network architecture and PCI data flow, and evaluate configuration of firewalls and security baselines.
  • Gap Analysis – During the analysis we determine any security measures that need to be created or enhanced to ensure compliance of both security controls and documentation. We work with key stakeholders to conduct interviews that allow us to thoroughly assess the current security controls implemented to satisfy each requirement against best practices and compliance to PCI DSS.
  • Recommendations – At the end of the gap assessment we provide recommendations on how to enhance security measures that are not compliant or could be enhanced to provide better security of cardholder data. As needed, we will provide consultation for implementing new polices and procedure or enhancing existing security controls to meet compliance requirements. Depending on your PCI merchant level, we work with you to draft a Report on Compliance or assist with the Self-Assessment Questionnaire and provide assistance with the Attestation of Compliance.