Litigation Support

Forensic certified to support litigation and investigation matters.

Our consultants possess forensic certifications and are experienced in collecting and analyzing data required for depositions, investigations, discovery and testimony. We can collect and examine electronic evidence to prove or disprove malfeasance, provide an unbiased expert opinion or witness testimony, and explain the electronic evidence discovery process and what is needed to preserve evidence.

Our Experience

We can handle small or large forensic litigation support requirements. Our experience includes:

  • Conducting electronic document forensics in an automotive manufacturer bankruptcy trial involving numerous law firms.
  • Investigating a case involving a senior Unix system administrator attempting to cripple a financial stock trading company and then using the knowledge of his attack to perpetrate a stock fraud.
  • Performing extensive examination of computer forensic data leading to conviction for theft of intellectual property from a U.S. based entity to a foreign country.
  • Examining computer artifacts to prove or disprove theft of intellectual property.
  • Performing an examination for modifications to a Will of an affluent deceased’s computer, after he had passed, but before his death was reported to the police.
  • Conducting forensic examinations of mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, android, etc.