Incident Response Services

Advanced attackers continue to evolve their tactics. They routinely bypass preventive security measures at organizations which have made responsible and sustained investments. When a serious security incident occurs, every moment counts. Our incident response professionals have assisted hundreds of organizations identify and remove attackers from their environment, re-secure their networks and successfully recover from incidents of all types.

Incident Response

Within hours of notice, we can begin online analysis or be in route to respond onsite. We are focused on minimizing the impact of the event on your organization and re-securing your networks. We work with you to:

  • Initial Assessment: We review any existing information and evidence, ensure we have an accurate understanding of your environment and conduct an initial assessment so we can develop the most effective response strategy.
  • Investigate & Scope the Incident: We will establish enterprise-wide visibility across your network and endpoints to identify suspicious behavior and identify where attackers are (or have been) active in your environment.
  • Contain: We will gain situational control of the security incident to ensure that attacker activity has stopped and that data that is moving into and out of the company is secure.
  • Remediate: We conclude the engagement by developing a plan to remove any and all traces of the attacker and their tools and recommend security controls to put in place to reduce vulnerabilities and the likelihood of an attacker gaining access to your environment.

Incident Response Retainer

Reduce the time to respond to a security incident. The Fidelis incident response retainer provides organizations with the opportunity to establish the terms and conditions before a breach occurs. In the event of a security incident, you will have a trusted adviser on call to quickly respond and reduce the time the attacker is active in your environment.

For Immediate Assistance: +1.800.652.4020 (Option 3)